an uncertain distinction between the relations of being and meaning…


appearing as a collection of unconnected, obscure, and lost gadgets.  welcomed by a paper bag of organic fruits and veggies, you have entered the jason dodge exhibition.

in the eclectic nyc neighborhood of chelsea, dodge creates art with phenomena that one cannot express but clearly exists.  to leave things left unsaid and for one to decipher a greater meaning to the reality that exists before them…

white heat, black night
old friends and new beginnings

psk solesisters break-in the new hq with a drag ‘round on butterfly wings and then, put shadows to shame.  with the tiniest sole on board, the new space filled our brains with ideas for the craziness about to descend from somewhere under the floorboards…so we did what we do best: play!

with happy tummies from our new neighbors, and a quick baby kaufman-style sage leaf paint-off, we hit the hardwood.  

as we danced and cast shadows against a backdrop of white gossamer, we were suddenly struck hard!  holy shit!  this is really happening… 
we’re onto the next phase of our sedimentary solesearching adventure and can feel it in our soles that a kickass pskhq will rise from the depths of the beautiful decay we’ve chosen.  please join us, help us, as our space is reborn with the same energy and passion which we put into everything. we want you to have as much fun in it as we will! 

so, stay tuned and share our secret place, while we peel away the layers of what used to be and create what’s to come. at last, night fell and we reluctantly packed up…but couldn’t resist one last first hurrah!
image image

city soles x pskaufman; creeping into chi town

a whole-lotta lace-up goodness, september 13th, at the VVMC rally!

no.0028, is 50% off

no. 0012 in black and tan is 54% off

no.0005 in both black and brown will be 30% off as well!

2150 dell ave. venice,ca 90210
see you at the booth!

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